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What makes a good chiropractor?

On One Hand: National StandardsGood chiropractors have appropriate training and are licensed. The American Chiropractic Association notes that chiropractors should sports and physical therapy associates have four years of pre-medical college and another four to five years of accredited chiropractic education. The ACA also mentions that before beginning a practice, chiropractors must pass a national examination and become licensed in their state.

On the Other: Overstepping the BoundsSome chiropractors could try to use methods and treatments that may not be scientifically proven and appropriate. Ben Goldacre, in his article "Chiropractors Cause Controversy,"discusses this negative aspect of the chiropractic field. He notes that some claims of chiropractors, for example, of the ability to heal children's ailments such as colic have not been scientifically proven.

Bottom LineGood chiropractors are well-educated, have passed national examination and are licensed. Despite these credentials, some chiropractors may use treatments that are not yet scientifically proven. You should do research on the individual chiropractor before accepting his treatment.

Source:American Chiropractic Association: Chiropractic Education

The Guardian: Chiropractors Cause Controversy; October 17, 2009

More Information:NBCE/National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

International Chiropractor's Association

Post by shrillwrinkle5358 (2015-11-03 04:38)

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